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This is a great prank to pull on a colleague when he/she has walked away from their desk and left their computer uprotected.  Maye a little humiliation will teach them to keep their workstations more secure.  Locking your desktop when you leave is as easy as Windows Key-L.

Anyway, proceed at your own risk.  I take no responsibility for you getting fired or disciplined for messing around with someone else’s PC.  Your IT department or co-worker might not look so favorably upon it.  And you’ll also want to make sure to lock your PC when you leave your desk as revenge will almost certainly be on the victim’s mind.

The prank has to do with taking advantage of Outlook’s Rules.  This is where you can have have things done automatically with incoming/outgoing messages.  What we’re going to do it set up a rule that will run a task when a certain message is received.  It’s also helpful to test this on your own machine first so that you can do it quickly and without getting noticed.


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