Back to the Future II, Cubs beat Miami in World Series

The Associated Press: Marlins get long-coveted Miami ballpark.

When the Florida Marlins won the 1997 World Series, there was a rumor that the movie Back to the Future II had predicted this.  Not quite.

The film predicts that the Cubs would sweep Miami, not Florida, in the 2015 World Series.

But now, news came out today that the Florida Marlins would become the Miami Marlins in 2011 when the team finally gets its own stadium.  Creepy.  I’m thinking about putting down a solid bet for that year.

Still needed, the Marlins will need to move to the American League by then as well.  Could happen.  Bump Kansas City or the Twins to the West (the Timberwolves play in the North West division in the NBA), move Toronto to the Central, and transplant Florida to the East.  Done and done.

Unfortunately, the Jaws franchise needs to release about 3 films a year to catch up to the Jaws 19 prediction.

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