Streamy mini update

Streamy updated their blog for the first time in about two month.  Still no word of a release date yet, just announcing they’re launching a DV blog.  They did give this tidbit,

As we open up the new year, we will make new announcements regarding Streamy, its features, products, and, of course, the planned launch.  Check in regularly for news.

For right now, I’m using Google Reader.  The best part of Reader is the share option so that others can see your recommended rss feeds.  The ability to share and post from anywhere on the web via their javascript shortcut makes sharing easy.  The Google Reader blog has a great video for those that want to start using it.  Once you start using it, you won’t be able to live without it:

I don’t know if Streamy will be able to pull me away from Google Reader if/when it does decide to launch.  I think it’s expected right before Duke Nukem Forever goes gold.

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