The Dark Knight DVD – Full Screen Sucks

If you’re buying the Dark Knight Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, make sure to slide the shrink-wrapped portion out of the outer box to make sure you’re getting the widescreen version.  I haven’t seen the Dark Knight yet, so I was pretty anxious to watch it when it came out on DVD.  I brought  it home, pulled it out of the sleeve, and got:

Aaaaaaah!  I don’t know why we have full screen any more.  Just put everything in widescreen.  The black bars at the top and bottom aren’t that big of a deal, are they?

The bad thing is that there’s nothing on the cover of the special edition to indicate whether it’s widescreen.  I assumed that it would be since it’s the special edition and all.  Bad assumption on my part:

Couldn’t find anything on the back either that would indicate the format.  So make sure to slide the container out of the sleeve before you leave the store.

[UPDATE] – This probably wasn’t the fault of the distributor.  More than likely someone swapped out the two-disc edition for the cheaper single-disc version.  Although, the sleeve has a hole in it for the barcode, so that wouldn’t have worked anyway.  Either way, make sure you’re getting the right one.

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