Streamy update

I was looking for a follow up post to last week’s announcement from Streamy.  Looks like they finally have one up today.  They’ve included a new video with some of the features.  But it doesn’t look like they’ve announced any release date yet.  Looks promising.  I’d love to do a write-up of the new Streamy. […]

First post from ipod touch

Just got the iPod last night. This is my first post from the wordpress app.I can’t imagine making too many posts like this . It’s just to slow to type. I’ve attached a few pictures that you can add from the iPod by taking a screenshot

Streamy is alive?

More than a year after showing up on Digg, Streamy posted on their blog that they’re near completion, What this means to you, finally, is that the vapor is clearing and we can deliver what many of you have gotten excited about over the last year. You’ll hear from us again this week. I’ve been […]